Experience the world’s largest line of glasses-free 3D displays. With 4K displays ranging in size from 28“ to 100“, and available in Landscape and Portrait orientation, as well as super-narrow bezel displays for video wall installations – The future of 3D displays has arrived with Magnetic 3D.
3D Displays


Emersa Series Glasses-free 3D Desktop Monitors provide an unprecedented single-user 3D experience at stunning 4K resolution. This all-in-one platform utilizes proprietary eye-tracking technology via an embedded camera system to deliver optimal stereoscopic 3D video to the user’s position in real-time.

Video Walls

Go big or go home! Magnetic 3D makes large format glasses-free 3D viewing a reality with super-narrow bezel video wall solutions. Discover our bundled solutions with plug and play operation powering multiple displays from a single video wall controller. It’s all possible with Magnetic 3D.
3D Video Walls


Packed with the lenticular technology you already love in our large format displays, our brand new Emersa™ series glasses-free 3D tablet puts the power of 3D in the palm of your hand. This 2-view solution provides a great single-user experience and is a perfect sales tool in-store and at trade shows.


Explore a library of glasses-free 3D content made specifically for Magnetic 3D displays and tablets. Content is available in landscape or portrait and a variety of formats including 2D, Side-by-Side, and Multiview.
3D Software


Unleash the power of glasses-free 3D with new applications for viewing and creating 3D content. With an extensive list of content format options available, playback is streamlined Our content creation platform directly supports Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects, allowing broad latitude for the optimization of 3D models while significantly reducing render times.

Media Players

Taking advantage of the on-board processing power of our displays, glasses-free 3D content playback is now possible with a small form factor media player that is portable, discreet, and budget-conscious.
3D Media Players


StereoViz is a full HDTV stereoscopic camera for crisp and real-time 3D imaging to increase the immersive experience. The accurate alignment of the optics combined with the optical zoom function allows for recording of objects in 3D within a short range for visual inspection tasks.


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