Super Bowl XLIV

Suites of the Future


Miami Dolphins


42" Glasses-Free 3D Displays & Custom Content


Sun Life Stadium
Miami, FL



Working with Magnetic’s project team, stadium crews installed Magnetic 3D’s 42-inch Allura line of LCD displays in 32 VIP suites, and also set up a smaller version at a concession area. The Allura 3-D screens used Magnetic 3D’s Enabl3D hardware and software solution to create multiple distinct images and generate the visual pop and depth perception of 3-D content, without requiring the viewers to wear special glasses. In effect, the display’s lenticular lens serves as the 3-D glasses. All the LCDs were driven by Magnetic 3D’s FuzionCast network player. Built in the United States and designed to be backwards compatible, FuzionCast programming seamlessly blends 3-D with more conventional 2-D videos and stills. The company’s proprietary E3D auto-stereo file format compression technology reduces what are normally huge, processor-choking 3-D motion files to much more manageable sizes, without any perceived loss in visual quality.

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