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Stubbs, Alderton, & Markiles (SA&M), the tech-savvy law firm in Los Angeles, has installed Magnetic 3D’s 4K 50” Glasses-Free 3D Display in the reception area at their new offices on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California. The display is featured prominently in the lobby of the Preccelerator Program – an accelerator program within SAM that cultivates start-ups and helps them achieve success through funding, targeted curriculum, mentorship, strategic perks and beautiful 24/7 office space.
The glasses-free 3D display is being used as a 3D Digital Signage platform to highlight the various companies in the Preccelerator program as well as in-house venture-affiliated partners including Morpheus Ventures, Europlay Capital Advisors, and SAM CREATV Ventures.
Magnetic 3D - which created the animations for the various company logos - will continue to work with the firm to create and change out logos as each new class of start-up ventures joins the program, as well as providing its latest 3D Immersive Art to complement the various logos.

As a tech law firm, and accelerator for technology companies, we wanted to showcase something in our lobby that epitomized amazing innovation. The Magnetic 3D screen is just that. It creates an innovative, inviting environment for our guests. There is never a day when I don’t get asked about their impressive technology. The team at Magnetic 3D has made the technology, setup, implementation and content creation a seamless, effortless process.

Heidi Hubbeling

Preccelerator COO
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