Reitan Group Lobby

Video Wall Installation


Reitan Group (Reitangruppen)




4x3 Video Wall & Custom Content


Oslo Operational Center of Reitangruppen
Oslo, Norway



This unique and permanent installation is the latest innovative feature in the Oslo Operational Center of Reitangruppen (The Reitan Group), a major Norwegian wholesaler, retail franchiser, and the fifth largest company in Norway. The first ever glasses-free 3D video wall of its kind delivers an incredible, large-format, no-glasses 3D experience in Reitangruppen’s lobby. Seamlessly built into the architecture of the building, the prominent glasses-free 3D video wall is more than 10 feet wide and stands over eight feet tall. With a total resolution of 25 megapixels, the 3D video wall features twelve 46” Magnetic 3D displays in a 4 high by 3 wide configuration, as well as custom 3D content designed to entertain and amaze employees, clients, partners, and visitors alike.

Magnetic 3D’s video wall was a great alternative to LED or traditional video walls for the lobby, considering its attractive price point and the seamless ability to show regular 2D content or next-generation, large format, glasses-free 3D content.

Tore Hovda

Partner at ProntoTV
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