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Today’s Tech Savvy Audiences Drive Innovation in Theme Parks & Attractions

Armed with smartphones that double as augmented reality devices, it takes a whole lot more then Pepper’s Ghost to impress park attendees these days. Engineers, Creative Directors, and Show producers are turning to 3D display technology to up the ante by delivering unique “park-only” experiences to consumers.

Digital Signage as thrilling as the ride itself - turn ordinary into extraordinary

Long lines, impatient guests always expecting to be wowed - Theme Parks and Attractions have a tall order to stay on the cutting edge of creativity when patrons are as savvy as Gen Z. Staying a step ahead requires constant innovation and new tools that aren’t available to the public. 3D Displays without glasses have the power to future proof park signage and bring along a whole new bag of tricks for creating illusions that keep patrons entertained and informed every step of the way.
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3D Attractions

3D Concessions

3D Digital Merchandising

Top 5 Reasons for 3D Digital Signage


Provides an elevated “park-only” experience


Elevates perception of the experience


Decreases perceived dwell time on long lines


Increases revenue for food, beverage, merchandise


Promotes mobile wallet to make venues more profitable

Glasses-free 3D delivers automatic “wow-factor”. Upgrade from the mundane to visually insane.

Fact: most of your content and graphics assets are already in 3D – you’re just playing them on 2D displays. Unlock the full potential of your creative assets, empower your creative team and technologists to dream bigger and cinematic 3D visual effects to your digital signage platform with glasses-free 3d displays.



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