Quick Service Restaurants

A Fundamental Shift is Changing The Face of QSR’s

Quick Service Restaurants are in a digital arms race in an effort to keep up with consumer trends and stand out from their competitors while maximizing profits. Digital Signage has become the center piece for this movement by efficiently communicating key information and elevating the customer experience. But what comes next?

Amplify your Digital Transformation with 3D Displays

With every company adopting digital signage and eye-catching display solutions its easy to jump on the band wagon. But how do you deliver a premium brand image or keep up with McDonald’s, which has committed to spending billions to provide customers with the so-called “Experience of the Future”. Well, you can try to outspend them or you can one-up them with glasses-free 3D Digital Signage – the real future of QSR displays.
  • 3D Digital Menu Boards
  • 3D Product Boards
  • 3D Window Boards

3D Digital Menu Boards

Highlight critical information in 3D dimensional space in order to speed up customer decision making while also enhancing the experience to encourage repeat visits and larger orders.

3D Product Boards

Dedicated portrait format 3D displays featuring your food, beverage, images and ethos. They are a game changer for gaining the customers attention on signature items, pushing an upsell or connecting emotionally with your fans. Imagine being able to get your product so close to the customer they can almost taste it. That’s the power of 3D Digital Signage.

3D Window Boards

Getting a customer’s attention these days is more difficult than ever especially when most are glued to their smartphones. Never fear - our high-bright 1500 and 2500 nit 3D digital signage displays are impossible to ignore and provide a visual strategic advantage.

Top 5 Reasons for 3D Digital Signage


Leap frog the competition and take the lead


Game changer for presenting products and maximizing profit


Speeds up customer decision making


Reduces perception of dwell time while waiting to place an order


Elevates brand perception

Be a Leader. Change the Game.

Be one of the first to bring powerful cinematic visual effects to the counter to positively influence consumer purchase decisions and increase sales. 3D is not out of reach - envision a platform you control that can scale from one to thousands of locations operating for under $10 per day, per location. Find out how!



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